About Art by Sorelle

           My name is Sorrel Hughes. When we were thrust into a bizarre new world at the beginning of 2020, I decided to return to an old passion. I picked up my pens and paper and created a dreamlike realm to escape into. I hope my creations bring you as much joy as they have brought me. My drawings are inspired by the nature of my home, Orcas Island, and other wonderful places I've been lucky enough to travel, such as Switzerland, Portugal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Florida and Colorado. This summer, I am proud to announce that I have a booth at the gorgeous Orcas Island Farmers Market. 

           I want you to have a great experience here- please email me at artbysorelle@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns!


         PS- For those of you who know me as "Sorrel", not "Sorelle", I really wanted my name to be read correctly.